website support services

I’m a keen website developer and coding enthusiast.

I started learning web development in 2019 after 15 years in project management and housing. I’m also an excellent administrator – I like to stay organised!

In 2020 I became a Skillcrush alumni and continue to study regularly.

My goal is to help small businesses and organisations get the website they want through attentive design, quality code and careful management.

I pride myself on communicating effectively and working diligently.

I have three children and am a carer for my eldest child. When I have time I love to read and play Beat Saber. It’s the ultimate de-stressor!

Over my career I’ve acquired a wide range of skills and capabilities. I’ve worked with private, public and non-profit organisations, on many different challenges with lots of different people.

As a determined starter-finisher and a perfectionist I’m always up for a new challenge. If you have a website you’re struggling with, or you want one and don’t know where to start, please contact me.