Plastik Surgery Record Shop

The Plastik Surgery Record Shop was one of my first clients for web design. They already had a website on Wix that was (in their words) “thrown together at 3am”. They had ambitions to be an old school record shop, a hangout spot for local youth, launching and supporting local artists and expanding into new areas like clothing and skateboards.

I designed a site to encompass their brand, with the idea of adding new pages as they extended. The site included categorisation of their music collection – genre, quality, price, images, artist.

I completed the design for them and used their existing Wix account to build it. There were a number of administrative tasks left to do before they could launch (stock audits and uploading information to the site).

Frustratingly following lockdown the website is no longer active, so my designs never made it to live! I remain in two minds about whether I should even include this on my portfolio, but I did really enjoy working on it and the client loved my designs. So, here it is.

  • Adobe XD
  • Wix
  • Project Management
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