Welcome fellow humans…

Do you ever envy people who have a calling? I do. I drifted around a lot on my way here. I chose to study International Business because I thought it was generic and useful enough to steer me somewhere meaningful. I chose to pair it with Italian because… well, I wanted to go to Italy.

As it turns out, there isn’t much call for English Italian speakers. Italian English speakers, yes. Not so much the other way around. So I drifted towards housing, project management, non-profit. I did ok. But I never really felt like it fit with what I’m best at. Sorting stuff out. Focusing. Making things work. It made me useful in any job but it never really defined the job I was doing.

Then I had a couple of really rubbish years. I wasn’t happy. And I needed to make a decision. Keep drifting along, or do something that was a conscious choice based on what I enjoy and am good at. I spent a lot of time thinking about that. Skills tests, personality tests, career quizzes, blogs, articles, the works.

What I love to do is achieve tangible results. Things you can see and use. I like to be able to say “I couldn’t do that before, and now I can”. For that, coding and web development are perfect. And lucky me, I’ve also got a whole host of ready-to-go soft skills already in the mix.

I know I’ll never know enough, but that I will always know more than I did. I know that I can be useful because I’m building up hard skills that people need. I know that there are people who need help with these things because I was one of those people – someone with too many hats and not enough time.

I’m still wearing lots of hats, so this blog is likely to meander a bit. I think we all wear lots of hats and it’s important to remember people are multidimensional.

So I’ll come here to share the details of my multidimensional brain. What’s got my attention on Twitter, how parenting a severely disabled child is going, whether I’ve finally managed to finish reading my book about World War I.

Oh, and probably some stuff about coding.

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